Knit Biz Bloggers

Knit Biz Bloggers

This web ring is for individuals who have decided to take their passion for knitting and develop a business. All aspects of the knitting business are welcome including sales, designing, teaching, knitting finished goods or any other aspect. Business ventures can be either full-time or part-time, but the web log (blog) must regularly refer to the highs, lows, challenges and opportunities associated with their knitting venture.

Rules for Joining

1. You must post regularly to your blog. I get to decide what is regular, but if you haven’t posted for more than a month, that probably isn’t regular enough and you will be removed from the web ring. You are always welcome to rejoin once you start updating your blog.

2. Knitting is for nice people, so keep it clean. Anything that seems inappropriate will be cause for removal. Think sexual harrasment — we are after all — talking business.

3. Make sure the web ring code is on the same page as your blog. The purpose of a web ring is to get from one to the next, so make sure those options are available.

4. This ring is for the business owner/manager/teacher/designer/whatever-title personal blog. Although we strongly encouage you to have a link to your commercial site, the web ring should point directly to your blog.

5. Once you are accepted, you have a week to get the code up and running on your site. After a week, you will be deleted and you will have to submit again.

6. Ringsurf will send you an email with your information for belonging to the ring. Save it, because if you need to change your web address/info, etc, you will need the info from Ringsurf.

Here’s to making money and still loving to knit!