A Successful Submission

A Successful Submission

So earlier this week I sent off my first magazine submission in quite sometime and the first “done to spec”. All other submissions were based on something I had already completed and they just happen to like! So this was a different experience for me. And if I were to say it was easy, I would be lying. I had to do a significant amount of ripping a couple of times, because the garment wasn’t coming together quite the way I wanted and decided to take another approach (twice)!

But it turns out in the end all the effort was worth it! It arrived at the Knitters’ magazine office yesterday and apparently they were very happy with the result. These samples have to be knit in small sizes (for the models) and I AM NOT A SMALL SIZE. So I wasn’t able to try it on before it left to make sure it “fit”. But apparently it got put on to an appropriate sized body and walked around the office — YAY!!!

So you can all watch for the garment in the upcoming Summer issue of Knitters. The yarn was from Berroco called Bansai. It is a bamboo ribbon wrapped with a light strand of nylon. The drape was amazing. The garment is entrelac (natch) and ripple stitch which makes a nice combination.

So I guess that wasn’t too hard! I only have to do it a few dozen more time for the upcoming entrelac book!!

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